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Korea (EAFA & FIPA)

       The South Korea organic regulation formerly divided into two parts, the Environment-friendly Agriculture Promotion Act (EAFA for Raw Materials) and the Food Industry Promotion Act (FIPA for processed products) will be replaced by the Act on the Management and Support for the Promotion of Eco-friendly Agriculture/Fisheries and Organic Foods, etc (Act on Eco-friendly Products).
        From January 1st, 2014 on, all products to be marketed as organic on the Korean market will have to be certified according to the Korean standard, for both production (raw materials) and processing (storage, packaging, handling).
        However the Korean authorities have agreed on the patterns described below:
      13 certification bodies have been accredited by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA), among them Ecocert SA and Ecocert Konkuk Certification Services. Therefore, all companies outside Korea who would like to distribute and sell products on the Korean market must obtain certification from one of the 13 accredited certification bodies. according to the Korean standard.
       The 13 certification bodies will determine for these products which foreign standards will be regarded as compliant with the Korean standard. The compliance will be definitely set by the certification body of the buyer, should the products not be certified by Ecocert.
ECOCERT can provide inspection & certification services to companies interested in accessing Korean market for any type of organic products.