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Global G.A.P. is a private standard created by major northern European retail chains. It is the main standard for best agricultural practice on the world market.

For fresh fruit and vegetable producers, Global G.A.P. certification is the best way to:

  • - Showcase their best practices by offering definite guarantees to consumers.
  • - Meet the listing criteria of the main worldwide fruit and vegetable buyers.


The service we provide

Ecocert provides its entire procedural expertise for the conducting of audits in the fresh fruit and vegetables sector for:

  • - Individual producers (Option 1).
  • - Producer groups (Option 2).

The objective is to reassure consumers about how food products have been produced on the farm, through three main aspects to the inspection:

  • - Food safety.
  • - Respect for the environment.
  • - A responsible approach to the health and safety of the workforce.

To simplify administrative procedures and reduce the costs involved in multiple certification, Ecocert offers combined audits, depending on your requirements (GLOBALG.A.P, organic farming, EFT, etc.).